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Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. ~Sylvia Plath

Guest Posts

A few rules apply and all of them were set to help you produce the best possible content. The better the content, the more helpful it will be to our readers!

Guidelines for Guest Writers

☀ Your writing niche doesn’t matter; the way you present it to my readers does. Please, give it your best and write in a simple, clear English. Any stylebook will do.

☀ Please, make your piece at least 500 words in length (1,200 words ideal). Meaty posts engage more readers and are (you’ll convene with this) more helpful.

☀ Proofread your work prior to submission. I don’t mind typos (I can fix those), but bad grammar is all another thing.

☀ Add an image if you can.

☀ Limit links to 3 per pieces, one of which can be your site, the other two relevant articles to support your argumentation (they can be your pieces, as long as they’re published somewhere else than your blog)

☀ NO affiliate links, please. I’d like to keep advertising separate from content, thanks.

☀ No reprints. This is a blog, not a magazine. All guest posts must be original and unpublished (of course, you can-not republish your guest posts from online – unless you know how to properly use the rel=canonical attribue – but you can in print).

That’s all. 🙂 Please contact me by email at if you wish to contribute.

Thank you!