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About Me

Hi! 🙂 My name is Luana Spinetti and I’m Italian.

I’ve been a freelance writer and blogger since 2009 (2008 actually, when I accepted a gig that paid little more than $1/post – ugh!) but my first paid writing experiences began with sponsored blogging in 2007.

My articles led to gigs in fields other than just writing, including a position as an SEO consultant in 2012 and another in 2014 as an ancillary service to content writing.

Made mistakes, learned from them, grew as a professional and as a human. Naturally there’s more work to do, but I can say that I’m proud of who I am today.

Over the last decade, I’ve authored 300+ blog posts and I’ve been published on Relevance, Monitor Backlinks, Web Hosting Secret Revealed, CoSpot’s Content Marketer blog and other online publications in the SEO, Marketing and Education niches.

When I’m not writing you’ll find me drawing artwork, running marketing analysis and making websites for fun and profit.

You could call The Pen Thinker the perfect union of all my three arts, since I:

While I no longer offer web design and coding as part of my services since 2016, I still use that knowledge (and everything I continue learning today about responsive design and databases) to coach webmasters through my blog posts and consulting services.

What is The Pen Thinker?

It’s a blog written by writers for writers.

It’s a place where you can find understanding and advice for your writing challenges, projects, techniques and ideas.

It’s a community – even with comments closed – because when you email me your writing struggles and feedback on a guest writer’s post or get in touch with social media, that exchange results in mutual growth.

The Pen Thinker is a website for writers like you and I who think hard before putting pen on paper or typed letters on a blank screen, because you and I know that the target audience is the only one who matters, and unless we are writing fiction, their needs are the focus of the written word.

Writing is a service to others. It’s getting your message out there. It’s giving people answers to the pressing questions they ask because they want to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Writing is human relationships at their best.

Get in touch!

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